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About Canyon Carpets

Canyon Carpets has been servicing homes and commercial establishments in the Hope and surrounding areas fr many years, and we are proud of the reputation we have gained for the quality of our work. We love doing our part to help make beautiful homes, and our previous customers will attest that our love for our work translates into work that our customers love.
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We have extensive experience working with many different flooring materials, in both residential and commercial contexts. If you are unsure about what exactly you want done, or what materials you want to use, we are happy to consult with you and provide you with options that would suit your home or office. Here at Canyon Carpets, we keep up on the latest design trends, so whether you are looking for something chic and stylish or something more classic we can help you choose something that will be perfect for you. With all of our experience, we have learned that going the extra mile for our customers is the real key to success in this business. We know that the job is not finished until our customers are completely satisfied. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that we always avoid surprises - you will know how much it will cost and approximately how long the work will take and what it will look like when it is completed. If you are considering any sort of carpeting or flooring we encourage you to consider choosing Canyon Carpets. Contact us today for a free estimate!